Welcome to BullsUnlimited

I am Bianca Kruijer-van Hoven, owner of BullsUnlimited Bull Terriërs, Weert, Netherlands.

It started about 25 years ago. I was working at an animal shelter in Zandvoort. I still hear my husband say: "don't you dare to take a dog home", he knew me so well .... two months later Sheba arrived. A crossbred Rottweiler / Dobermann of 6 years old. A very sweet girl but she couldn't find her way in our home, so we found her a new home, with older people on a boathouse, she was very happy there.

After about two months Boeddha arrived at the shelter, a white Bull Terriër with flinging down ears. The Pitt-bull law was just coming up, and people went looking for another tough’’ breed .. Boeddha was a macho. He had an attitude, every dog knew ‘don’t mess with the boss!’ I can't remember that there was ever a hierarchy fight between Boeddha and another dog. He radiated respect and enforced it by his attitude. A really great bull, perhaps not the most beautiful dog but the most assured and honest Bull! Ofcourse, I had to take him home. It took 5 days for my husband and Boeddha to become friends. Boeddha saw, came and conquered a place in his heart.

Meanwhile 15 years and 5 Bull Terriërs further. Our white male Moker (Ch Bearables Seroe Blanco) did his entrance and together we stepped into the world of dog shows. When Moker was about two years old Fay (Buku Angel from Hell) came to live with us. Fay was born in Hungary. Sire: “Ch.Yoeckydoes Yes it's Me” Damn: “Ch.Alba-Bull Rock me Baby”.
Fay was 3 years of age when having her first litter. Ch.Trick or Treat Armageddon would be the sire of Fay’s pups. A stunning young male of Brigitte and Paul (Grisse Basse BT). According to us the 'perfect match' Our Sumo (BullsUnlimited's Mugen' Ai) is the result of this perfect match.

Meanwhile we’re 25 years proud owners of our beloved Bull Terriers.

Take your time to find your way on my website. If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards
Bianca Kruijer